DelaneyCloud | Update Release: 5 DEC 2018


#1.1 [Beta] 3rd Party Induction Management Integration via REST API

Improvements to the REST API to improve auto-creation of Agency profiles

Auto enrollment of 'User Profiles' (i.e. UserID and UserName) on ZK units via REST API

#1.2 [Beta] Mobile App / Device access management 

New screen layout for management of user profiles on mobile devices (links with Mobile App profiles)


#2.1 Firecall Report (for Mobile devices)

The RVP buttons have been updated to use client-side code only which updates 10x faster 

Page works offline if signal is lost after page loading

Page layout has been re-designed to be more mobile 'friendly' with Site, Group and Agency filters only (page clears settings on reload)

#2.2 Menu Update

New shortcuts for Release Notices, TeamViewer and Helpdesk have been added to the header menu.

#2.3 Sites Management

When Sites are deleted, the system archives rather than deletes the site information to protect referential integrity in the database (no visible difference to user)


#3.1 User page didn't allow edits

The page was re-compiled and released fixing the bug.

#3.2 Historical SiteID's for devices were not being maintained on Site changes

The timesheet data historical information is maintained when Device is moved to new sites

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