DelaneyCloud | Update Release: 9 JAN 2019


#1.1 DelaneyMobile App (Android)

Update the 'User Management', in order to remove list of all users (lists registered users only)

Update the 'Device Name' entry to make it customizable


#2.1 DelaneyCloud 'Mobile' module

Link the 'registered users' on mobile app to configuration page of DelaneyCloud / Mobile / Access List 

Restricts mobile devices to the Mobile / Mobiles screen only

Removes mobile devices from the Settings / Devices screen

#2.2 DelaneyCloud API: Additional field for Agency in User post

Added a field for Agency ID in the POST command update.


#3.1 Re-run calculations for Schedule binding 

Resolves a bug with session codes in the Schedule binding calculation on a new thread. Passed session code as fixed variable.

#3.2 'ReportExportIntegritySoftware' displays error when there is no data in report

Resolved this by setting a default value for Year and PAYE Week

#3.3 'PAYE Week No' was calculating based on fixed date

Resolved this by setting Week No to calculate from the latest 06-Apr dynamically

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